Lorenzo Abattoir is an Italian-based noise artist and sound engineer from Torino. His work takes shape in a context of underground extreme music to become accesible through various projects related to contemporary art. During past years he recorded and released some full-length albums and various collaborative albums with other artists: PSICOPOMPO with German composer Hermann Kopp (4iB records), MARE DI DIRAC electro-acoustic collective (Dusktone Records), He worked in collaboration with PHURPA “Misericordia” Vinyl LP (4iB records) and collab. with SATORI "Aether" released in March 2017. Labels: Old captain & Malignant Records.

2010 Learning harsh sound tecniques around Europe, under different name.[Nascitari]

2011 Learning static sound tecniques in Paris at Istants Chavirès.[Nascitari]

2012 Creating resonant sound in a hungarian cave at Esztergom (HU).[MarediDirac]

2013 Creating sound installation based on radio modulations at Fondazione Sandretto.[Solo]

2014 Travelling west coast USA. Using piezo mic & american objects.[Solo]

European Tour MDD live in Munich

Collaborations V/A: 
Alessandro Sciaraffa (italian sound artist), Sergio Padovani (painter), Mauro Sambo (contemporary artist, sax & electronics), Paolo Sanna (percussions) Tor Navjord (radio sound artist), Vomir (static noise), Claudio Rocchetti (cinematic music), Luca Sigurtà (noise music), Giovanni Lami (shruti box).
| Richard Ramirez (american harsh noise artist from Houston TX)
| Hermann Kopp (german composer Nekromantic/DerTodesking soundtracks)
| Gx Jupiter Larsen | The Haters (Noise artist based in Hollywood CA, underground art since 1970)
| PHURPA | "Misericordia" 12" Lp recording session in Turin Studio with Mare di Dirac project
| SATORI | "Aether" Cd collaboration (Old Captain / Malignant Records co-production 2017)

Other projects LINKS:

MARE DI DIRAC (drone/noise/field recording)
PSICOPOMPO (psycological sound with H.K.)
Vocal and Programming in WUORNOS AILEEN P.E. project active since 1990
Vocal & elctronics in SATANISMO CALIBRO 9 Italian Industrial occult project